Gratitude is one thing you have to give away in order to truly have it.

Gratitude, it’s simple to understand but easy to forget in our busy lives. Being grateful is not just the right thing to do, but also one that gives you a double-benefit.

First, it will make the day for the special someone you express your gratitude to.

Second, it will make you happy – based on the research studies that show grateful people are generally happier.

Our goal is to not only show you how to change your mindset to live gratefully but also give you the tools to take necessary action right away.

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“Gratitude is the social glue that connects hands and hearts, and minds together. As our world continues to expand globally gratitude is a human language that crosses all borders, ages and perceived divisions. In this book Rajesh captures the essence and simplicity of gratitude. I write one hand written thank you note each day. As a result my life is more fulfilling, my relationships stronger and joy fills my heart in new and ever expanding ways. Don’t just read this book apply its actions each day and make meaningful change in your live and the lives of those around you. Thank you Rajesh for this opportunity to be a part of your work!”

Holly Duckworth

CEO, Leadership, Solutions International

Rajesh Setty has been writing for many years… and like vintage wine, his writing just grows richer and deeper as it ages!

In “Gratitude”, he touches greater heights than ever before, translating a universal truth into a pragmatic practice that touches lives and improves relationships.

My career as a pediatric heart surgeon treating children dealt a bad hand by nature has helped me deeply appreciate many of the “small things” that many take for granted – like a child’s healthy, happy smile. Living an “attitude of gratitude” has transformed many facets of my life deeply, magically.

“Gratitude” deconstructs the mystery of being constantly in this state of gratefulness – and provides a simple, practical road map anyone can follow.

At the end of this short, sweet read, I’m sure you’ll also be nodding in agreement with the core premise… “Yes, there is joy in giving and joy in grateful living.”

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

Heart surgeon and Writer

“As I am reading your book on gratitude, I find myself singing the words to Jimmy Buffett’s song, Attitude of Gratitude, laughing to and at myself, feeling joy and appreciation for all the blessings in my life. I give thanks to you my friend and I am grateful for the wise and loving gifts you unconditionally give to me.”

Stuart Rudick

Partner, Mindfull Investors

“Share your gratitude with someone, anyone, today. Tomorrow is too far away, and yesterday is gone. Words of gratitude translate through languages, and soften the borders that separate us. When you tell someone – a family member, a friend, a colleague, or a customer – you are grateful, you’ll see the relationship deepen. Want to experience a better, more grateful life? In this book, Rajesh Setty shows you how.”

Jason W. Womack

“The arrival of the Age of Social means that everything about business is fundamentally changing. How you market, sell, service and more. Building genuine relationships is not a buzzword or a catchphrase, it’s mission critical and expressing gratitude to those in your community is a key step in that process. Few understand the dynamics as well- or more sincerely- than Rajesh Setty. Now, buy the book. You can thank me later! ;-)”

Jeremy Epstein

VP of Marketing, Sprinklr

“If you want to be significant, you need to impact others. Rajesh Setty gives you the exact blueprint in his powerful and liberating book, ” Gratitude.” Without this concise and effective action plan, you will miss a compelling opportunity to leverage your in impact the world. If you execute this exciting action plan now, you will be grateful for a lifetime.”

Ken McArthur

“Want to change a bad attitude in others and yourself in an instant? You can’t feel gratitude and (a bad) attitude at the same time. Go ahead try it. Then take it one step further and thank a person and it will brighter your and their day. And if you want to turn a taste of this into a full course meal and fuller life, buy Rajesh Setty’s wonderful book.”

Mark Goulston

“There is an old adage that says you should give without expecting. While this still applies, if you are a recipient of someone’s generosity, you need to take the responsibility to acknowledge, appreciate and thank the giver. That is the essence of this book and it delivers. Raj masterfully weaves in engaging anecdotes to make his points and also gets the reader to practice and take action. A practical and generous book indeed.”

MR Rangaswami

Publisher and Founder of Indiaspora

“For many people the concept of gratitude becomes an intellectual exercise, and not truly a practice. What Rajesh has done with this book is give us an actionable way to turn gratitude into a daily habit. It becomes something you do and eventually who you are.”

Srinivas Rao

Host of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast and author of The Art of Being Umistakable

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. As I started to read Rajesh Setty’s brilliant book on gratitude, I was immediately reminded of the power of being thankful and kind. Gratitude is truly a personal and business force multiplier. Setty demonstrates examples of practicing the art of gratitude and in a simple and meaningful way reminds us that positive people can and do achieve more. I highly recommend ‘Gratitude Frequency’ to business executives, entrepreneurs and students of leadership and management. I plan to give a copy to all of my directors and managers.”

Vala Afshar

CMO, Extreme Networks

“Reflect, respond, release, reward, rejoice, reframe. These six words change the gratitude game forever. Rajesh Setty gives us the master blueprint to give with gratitude and to live with gratitude. Big doors swing on little hinges. You’ll find many little hinges that will open up big doors of gratitude. Grab this book, read it, and read it again. It will change your life. It has mine. Thank you Rajesh. I am grateful to you for sharing this simple, profound wisdom.”

Mitch Axelrod

Author of The New Game of Selling

“Gratitude is an amazing force to own and share. No one explains it as beautifully as Rajesh Setty in this highly worthy book which is sure to leave you asking for more. To fully experience Rajesh’s craftsmanship as a “masterful writer”, you would really have to immerse yourself in the sheer simplicity and elegance of his words that weave core tenets of Sociology, Psychology, and Anthropology together to present what I think is an absolute masterpiece. There’s a deep sense of old school spirituality combed with new school tenacity here. Quintessential Rajesh, I say!”

Rohan Chandrashekar

founder and CEO, BuzzValve

“This book is one of the greatest gifts you can receive. Applying Rajesh’s message of “practical generosity” will dramatically impact your life for good and empower you to influence the lives of those around you. Receive this transformational teaching with open arms and watch your life flourish.”

Richie Norton

Bestselling author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid

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Count Your Blessings Every Day

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Too Busy to Say Thank You

The Price of Not Thanking Enough

Not Too Busy to Say Thank You

The Forgotten List

The Grateful Project

The REAL Golden Network

Thank Powerfully

Relabeling Your Way to Grateful Living


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The Magic Begins With the Right Intention

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About The Author

Rajesh Setty is a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker based in Silicon Valley. Raj has co-founded multiple technology companies including, but not limited to AudvisorWittyParrotiChartsJifflenowThoughtful Cards and Fresh Headlines. Raj has written and published 16 book so far with his first book published at the age of thirteen. He maintains a blog with over 1900 articles. Raj has been a member of the Band of Angels since 2007.

Rajesh has been speaking on the topic of practical generosity and gratitude for a long time. This project is an offshoot from those speaking engagements and the conversations that resulted from them.

Rajesh lives in the Silicon Valley with his wife Kavitha and son Sumukh.