Book and Cards

Early corporate supporters include but not limited to:

For our corporate customers, we have special offers for bulk orders.

5 Books (Limited to 50 people):

Signed copy of “Upbeat” ($15 value)

25 Books (Limited to 25 people):

Signed copy of “Upbeat” ($15 value)

1 DVD Program titled “The Fulcrum Effect” ($75 value)

150 Books (Limited to 5 people):

45-minute Skype call with your company about 3G (Genersity, Gratitude and Goodness) Advantage

More than 150 books:

We’ll work with you to create a custom bonus that is meaningful to your organization. Please send an email to explore at foresightplus dot com.

If you’re interested in placing a bulk order, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out to you.